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Slipped disk is no longer a Fearful Dream!

Hastane 34 Makaleler → Slipped disk is no longer a Fearful Dream!

Slipped disk is no longer a Fearful Dream!

Slipped disk is no longer a Fearful Dream!

Slipped disk is a structure that carries the body weight, transfers the load from the hip to the legs, and at the same time enables the body to move in our daily activity.We have 5 vertebrae and cartilage pads (discs) between them, joints and muscles and other soft tissues that support them.The lumbar vertebrae have tasks such as carrying cargo, contributing to our movements and protecting the spinal cord and nerve roots. The nerves resulting from this region provide control of muscle control and sensation of the legs, urine, gaita and sexual functions.

The slipped disk  (Lomber Disk Hernis) it is a cost of human survival!The dyskin which acts as a suspension between the two lumbar spines is a disease caused by a compression of the inner part of the harder outer layer and a compression of the inner part of the spinal cord and / or the nerve root, resulting in a backward displacement of the partially softened tissue.The backbone level in which the waistband is located, there are variations according to the settlement and the evolution in this segment.Most commonly between L5-S1 and then L4-5 vertebrae. According to the settlement, the central (midline) and paracentral (near an intermediate line) are the most common.

Low back pain is the second most common chronic disease seen in developed societies after heart disease and is the fifth most common disease among surgical treatments.We can divide these so common lumbar aches into 2 groueps as "acute" and "chronic"In acute lumbar pain usually the pain is reduced within a few days and completely goes away after a few weeks.The pain remains more than three months,this pain is called chronic back pain

silpped disk is most commonly seen in the ages of 30-40, with a lower incidence of under 20 years or over 60 years of age.This disease causes serious work force and financial loss.Socio-cultural impact of people's daily lives and quality of life.Studies have shown that at least 80% of people live a period of their life with back pain.No, because about 2% to 5% of the patients suffering from the backach they have slipped disk.I suffer from pain in my back less likely to have slipped disk thats mean no need to go to the doctor it is big misstake because today, with the opportunity to reach a more easily accessible medicine, it is necessary to determine the source of our problem and to take the suggestions of the relevant physician about it.

Not every patient need to the operation.As in the case of the steps of the stairs, we also want to apply the step-by-step procedure in the treatment of this disease

First of all, we give medication and the patient a short break, take a look at his daily life again, find out the mistakes and answer "How is a spine-friendly person?"If these are not enough, we can get help from our colleague Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation specialist.We recommend that the patient has surgery if we can not achieve a meaningful result with all these structures.As you can see, not every slipped disk Foundation needs surgery immediately.The slipped disk History is as old as human history, but according to medical records, V. YY Aerelianus mentioned about such a disease In the 19th century, Laseque described the relation between sciatica and sciatica, Dr. M. Gazi Yaşargil first applied "microdiscectomy surgery".Today, the method we call "microdiscectomy" in the surgical treatment of slipped disk  has become the gold standard.Endoscopic discectomy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, can be performed according to the site-specific evaluation of the patient.It is now a fearful dream when we think of the point where turkish and world medicine came today in the light of these great times and technological developments that our past Yasargil teacher opened in the history of world neurosurgery.

Patients should be informed about the "correct diagnosis and treatment of complaints", "determination of correct diagnosis by proper examination", "determination of correct treatment strategy specific to the patient", "determination of correct surgical technique in patients requiring surgery" and " it is possible to obtain a satisfactory result in terms of patients and physicians at the point where we come. Please do not hesitate to apply to your doctor .You know that the most accurate, up-to-date and most scientific information.




              Op .Dr . Ahmet Chaitinkal

    Brain And Nerve Surgery Specialist

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