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when the brain vessels expand and form bubbles it is called (aneurysm).First statement severe headache, speeking and walking, disorder it is bain aneurysm,usually not noticed before the bubble bursts and bleeding begins.


       The enlargement that occurs in a weakened part of the brain stem wall is called "aneurysm", known as "bubble".Hypertension, diabetes, smoking, alcohol and head trauma are among the causes of aneurysm.This bubble, the burst of the aneurysm, causes brain hemorrhage.This disease, which can be seen in all age groups, but especially women and people aged between 40-60, starts racing over time when it causes brain hemorrhage.Because it can not be diagnosed early10-15% of aneurysm patients who have brain hemorrhage often lose their lives before reaching the health unit                        ANEURISM IS A QUIET DISEASE :

Private Hospital 34 Hospital brain and nerve surgery specialist Op .Dr . Ahmet Chaitinkal says the brain aneurysms are symptomatic and in some cases they are silent

Op . Dr . Ahmet Chaitinkal the first signs of the disease are as follows:

The disease may give some symptoms before bleeding in the brain.These; speeking and walking disturbances, visual disturbances, eye and facial pain, loss of strength or sensation, dementia, affective disorder, and sudden headache such as stabbing. MR and computerized tomography performed on these indications make it easy to diagnose .Final diagnosis place the brain by angiography.



Early diagnosed brain aneurysm was previously treated with open brain surgery. Nowadays, there are angiographic methods and reference places where this treatment is applied Op . Dr . Chaitinkal "Angiographic method used in the treatment of brain aneurysm vein filling before the skull opens.However, this treatment should be applied by neuroradiologists and centers with technical / radiological background. Because these centers have a neurosurgeon and neurosurgeon intensive care unit, they are treated with a multidisciplinary approach. "



 If the disease is caused by bleeding, the race starts over time.By the time taken to determine the cause of bleeding; depending on the patient's age according to the placement of the aneurysm, the amount of bleeding, and the edema created in the brain, the first 48 to 96 hours of surgery are performed. After that start good caring and following .



Op . Dr . Chaitinkal 10-15% of patients with aneurysmal brain hemorrhage have lost their lives without reaching the health unit: "After the intervention, the patient must be followed closely for at least two weeks . Because there is a risk of bleeding in the veins. For example, the risk of rebleeding increases from 4% for the first day to 15-20% for 2-14 days . For this reason, patients who underwent surgery for aneurysmal brain hemorrhage followed by surgery without follow-up should be followed closely for 3-14 days "


Op .Dr . Ahmet Chaitinkal


Privte Hospital 34 –  Bağcılar/ Istanbul


Brain And Nerve Surgery Specialist

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