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About us

Private Hospital34 has been following the scientific studies and innovations in medicine and adopted the principle of not including advanced technology devices and latest methods and applications into diagnosis and treatment processes in its centers. In hospitals, not only the patients but also the patients' relatives are provided with special room and dining options considering their comfort.

Private Hospital which offers quality health services to the patients with the care, comfort and interest that is deserved; These values ​​continue to renew, grow and grow with each passing day.

With the successful health services offered, thousands of patients from different countries such as Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Tunisia are provided with quality health services and contributed to health tourism. The happiness of patients after their treatment shows that all labor is spent on the right path.

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We have a team of 7/24 with our team of experienced Emergency Medical Technicians (AABT / Paramedik), Emergency Aid Technicians (ATT) and First Aid Certified sensitive drivers in our fully equipped ambulances licensed by the Provincial Health Directorate and Operational Documentation from Provincial Health Directorate We're.
Ambulance Number : +90 212 630 4545