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Diet and Nutrition

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Adequate and balanced nutrition is one of the most important requirements of healthy life. Our patients who apply to our nutrition and diet clinic are helped to make this behavior a lifestyle by giving them healthy eating habits.
After biochemical-hormonal examinations and detailed body fat analysis are performed in our nutrition and diet polyclinics, individual nutrition program is prepared and regular follow-up is done considering the nutrition habits of the individuals, age, gender and physical activity situations. Weight-loss programs for patients receiving weight management are organized and followed up.
Nutritional Treatments Used in Polyclinics
• Obesity Medical Nutrition Treatment
• Diabetes (Diabetes) and Hyperglycemia Medical Nutrition Therapy
• Medical Nutrition Therapy in Stomach and Bowel Diseases
• Medical Nutrition Therapy in Liver Diseases
• Medical Nutrition Therapy in Kidney Diseases and Gout
• Medical Nutrition Therapy in Hypertension and Cardiovascular Diseases
• Malnutrition (Extreme Weakness) Medical Nutrition Therapy
• Behavioral Change in Eating Disorder Program
• Healthy Nutrition During Adolescence
• Healthy Nutrition during Pregnancy and Nanny Period

• Pay attention to food diversity when planning your meals.
• Do not skip meals, especially before breakfast.
• Take care to consume 3 main, 2-3 snacks each day.
• Minimize the size of your dinner plates on behalf of portion control.
• Avoid eating on-board snacks and fast food.
• Consume foods in small portions for a long time.
• Choose seasonal and natural vegetables and fruits.
• Reduce your sugar and salt consumption and consume especially iodized salt.
• Choose full-grain products.
• At least 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day.
• Avoid alcohol consumption and carbonated beverage consumption.

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